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"Becoming Oaks is a treasure for the human condition. A raw and very honest account of some of the events along the timeline of the author draw upon both the insecurities that haunt us all, as well as the strength that lay within us. Told with a simplicity that speaks to every soul, and a tone that connects us to our intellect, Becoming Oaks serves and took me on an inspirational journey through the eyes of another beholder - that reflected my own uncertainties.

Laurette Lynn
Becoming Oaks reader

"Becoming Oaks delivers an intimate telling of one man’s successful and continuing struggle with life. If you want to be motivated and encouraged then you must read Becoming Oaks."

Dave Ross
1991 World Champion of Public Speaking
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Life has a tendency to beat us up.

And that is if we have been good! I explore the power of perseverance as a somewhat regular guy who lives a somewhat regular life. The pathways that opened up for me might be unique, but we all can choose to accept our lot in life or push forward and become what we were created to be.

Flunking out was not the best decision I ever made in life.

However it did allow me the opportunity to see the world differently.

...our decisions in life are never about us. Everything we do has ramifications with everyone we come in contact.
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Mike W. McVey

Host of Nobody's A Nobody Podcast, Author of Becoming Oaks, Master of Ceremonies (EmCee), Professional Speaker 

We are each individually a composition of everything we have done and everything that has been done to us.

No matter what our past has been, we can become what we were created to be. This was the inspiration for writing Becoming Oaks. I want to make the world a better place for each other, together. This requires us to listen to each other, encourage each other, and move forward together. This led me to create the Nobody's A Nobody Podcast and highlight individuals who are fascinating to me, musicians that need to be heard, and local businesses that are worth hiring.

I am a husband of a brilliant wife, father of a clever girl, two stupid cats, and one dumb dog.

I love to read, listen to music and podcasts, and play games with my friends and family. I relish the opportunity to converse with others and hear their passions explained to me.

I have had success in the private, public, and non-profit sectors, accomplishing various accolades.

Oklahoma Toastmasters has twice recognized me champion of the Humorous Speech Contest as well as awarding me the Distinguished Toastmaster status.

I value all individual persons and want everyone to have a seat at the table. Sometimes I am still learning what that means, but I strive to be better.